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From the Innovative  MityOne® to the Mystic® II and the Trusted Mityvac®– Make the Choice That’s Right for You

For over 20 years, the Mityvac family of products has ensured safer vacuum-assisted deliveries.

MityOne Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System

A versatile, one-piece system with shorter stem for greater control and safety – plus the same exceptionally effective mushroom and bell cups for VAD. With a self-limiting vacuum and clearly visible pressure gauge on the handle, MityOne is gentle, effective, and easy to use.

 One-Piece Mystic II System

The Mystic II is a one-piece fully disposable system that incorporates all of the Mityvac’s safety and efficacy while allowing the physician to control the device
without assistance.

 The Original Mityvac Two-Piece System

The original two-piece Mityvac system is comprised of the reusable Mityvac pump and a variety of cup options to meet every clinical challenge.